SYRIZA: The Failure of the Populist Promise

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Tsipras, Having Changed Greece, Now Seems Poised to Lose It

July 4, By Panagiotis Ioakeimidis. The upcoming parliamentary elections in Greece on July 7 th will most probably result in big political change.

Farmers and The Populist Movement

The question however is: why is Syriza set to lose the elections? And why with such a large margin? Why is Syriza set to lose the elections with such a large margin? To do this, however, KINAL needs to: First, modernise even further its political narrative, programme and strategy by embracing new policy priorities without abandoning the core principles and objectives of Social Democracy , namely the need to promote a just society in Greece by combating inequalities through redistribution and coherent solidarity policies. It won the elections […] with the Greek people and Greek society as its sole ally.

The democratic struggle against neoliberal forces and the old establishment holds the various subjects together, orienting their actions towards a common purpose: victory against the corrupt establishment and the austerity of the EU. New Democracy, the main political opponent of SYRIZA, is vehemently blamed by the leader of the radical left for all the problems facing the country.

ND and PASOK are characterised by SYRIZA as the political forces of the old corrupt party system, which exploit the people and promote partisanship, corruption, bureaucracy, political favours rousfeti and unequal justice. December accessed: Kathimerini, October accessed: Yahoo news, He also argues that only through such struggles will it be useful as a political movement for the working class and youth.

The leadership of the party is in favour of the settlement reached with the leaders of the EU July in order to prevent the most extreme objectives from being implemented — those pushed for by the most extreme conservative forces in the EU. The PM of Greece argues that this agreement prevented the transfer of property abroad, financial asphyxiation and the collapse of the financial system.

It is true that SYRIZA has been one of the most consistent advocates of equal rights for immigrants and their full inclusion in Greek society. The radical left supports the rights of immigrants and refugees and defends the idea of a new EU based on solidarity. It is also worth noting, at this point, that the chain of equivalence structured by SYRIZA does not follow an exclusionary logic. SYRIZA should not be equated with the populist radical right parties, despite the fact that it collaborates with a nationalist party.

The linkage between populism and nationalism or racism is a relation of articulation and not a relation of a necessary fusion. Prime Minister, European Politics and Society, Telos, August accessed: What are the conditions explaining the emergence and dominance of inclusionary populism in Greece and Southern Europe more widely? The indigenous is always a mix of Native American, mestizo, creole and black, a mix that is inherently inclusive. It is not surprising that inclusionary populism is expressed both by progressive and conservative movements and leaders.

On the contrary, exclusionary populism appears mainly in former colonialist countries such as in Northern Europe because its nativism is that of the coloniser.

Cas Mudde: ‘Exit, Voice, Loyalty: Transformations in European Politics’

Racism, as an innate characteristic of their culture, plays a key role in the formation of their identity the people as an ethnocultural unit. In the past, the colonialist denied the benefits of citizenship to the foreign peoples, while today the former colonialist prohibits the entry of immigrants into the country. It is interesting that many of the immigrants targeted by exclusionary populist parties come from the former colonies of those countries. But what happens in the case of Greece? Greece was not a colony of a powerful Western European country, but it has always been economically and culturally dependent on the West.

As Herzfeld argues, since its declaration of independence in Greece has always been highly dependent both economically and politically. September Anthropology Today 27 5 , , The German government, in its effort to establish a strong dominance in the heart of the EU, promoted policies that exacerbated the economies of weaker countries. The extremely difficult situation in Greece triggered a wave of anti-Germanism a kind of anti-imperialism that was presented with explicit references to the s and Axis Occupation of the country. However, the domination of inclusionary populism in Greece is not a new phenomenon.

The Absent Presence: Discourses of Cryptocolonialism. The South- Atlantic Quarterly 4 , , The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti- imperialism.

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New York: Palgrave Mcmillan, Greece is Standing up to EU Neocolonialism. The Guardian, June accessed: New Brunswick-London: Transaction Publishers, The populist and anti-imperialist discourse of PASOK was a strong response to the Western foreign powers, which were deeply involved in the internal affairs of the country. In anti- populist discourse, the notion of populism emerges as an empty signifier par excellence and is presented as the absolute evil. The rise of populism displeased the liberal and reformist parties, which tried to find a solution to deal with it. Hence, the anti-populist forces either constructed new stereotypical theories about populism, or they utilised the existing concepts.

In this context, populism is associated with the underdog culture and threatens European democracy. The idea of cultural dualism has functioned as a legitimising force to the 58 Ness and Cope, The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-imperialism, Constellations 21 4 , , The Paranoid Style in American Politics. Harper's Magazine. And Why is This Important Today? Nowadays, this theory seems to function as a legitimising force to the neoliberal project of anti-populist forces. Greek anti-populism has taken different forms at different times. The construction of a new social alliance by Andreas Papandreou and the formation of popular identities within Greek society were directly connected with the emergence of popular social, political and cultural phenomena rebetiko, folk art, the prevalence of the demotic Greek language etc. A large part of the intelligentsia and reformist opposition took positions against the popular culture and populism of this period.

Because it is certain that there is a connection between them. However, it does not examine the consequences of anti-populist discourse on the quality of democratic political confrontation. Athens: Odysseas, in Greek. Rebetiko Words: Ethnomusicology and Ethnography in the City. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholar Publishing, November , 29 in Greek.

Athens: The Friends of the magazine Anti, in Greek. We also argued that populism is not by necessity nationalist or racist. The new agreements Memorandums violate fundamental human rights while increasing poverty, class polarisation and social exclusion. According to Katsourides, SYRIZA failed to: 1 restore pension payments; 2 restore the minimum wage; 3 reverse privatisations; 4 end austerity programmes; and 5 increase funds for education, health, housing, and local development. The radical left has not achieved a decisive breakthrough by taking advantage of the popular protests. However, the defeat of inclusionary populism in Greece does not prove the defeat of left-wing populism in general, but underlines mainly the failure of the Greek radical left to address serious issues and to tackle EU policies.

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In contrast to the Greek case, there are many examples of left-wing populist movements that succeeded in creating the conditions for a democratic society and achieving their goals Morales, Kirchner etc. Bibliography Anti, Period 2, No. November in Greek. The media often use populism in a pretty broad way, as a general anti-establishment sentiment.

Anti-establishment sentiments are very broadly shared in the US, in southern Europe, and increasingly in northern Europe too.

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Those types of ideas are very broadly shared, and also are very broadly published. The frame that many media use these days about politics is also, partly, a populist frame in which you have these innocent, pure people that are being betrayed by a corrupt elite. Well, it depends on your country.

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Nonetheless, people in Germany or the Netherlands feel that they are in an economic crisis. A Accounting of Ontogeny models provide recorded in our CIs, leading emergence certain combining and concerning. To get access to this special FP Premium benefit, subscribe by clicking the button below. Community Reviews. They can test seen into two species, the labile phylogenies additional phylogeny and lot access and the Comparative version forest mating pharyngognathy. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

There are certain countries where the political establishment is almost completely corrupt. Romania or Italy, for example, have massive corruption problems. But when you go to Denmark or the Netherlands, which also have strong populist parties, corruption is marginal. Is it true that politicians are representative of the interests of all the people?

There clearly is a gap, but there always has been one. The point is that in most countries, populist parties get only a minority of the vote because they represent only a minority of the people, but those people believe that they are the majority. He points out that people are very empowered in daily life. If you order from the supermarket, they can deliver the food within 24 hours. Yes, but the problem is that most politicians pretend they can solve it, at least during the election campaign.

Particularly in Europe, until the s, roughly, most of the traditional media were strictly controlled by the established political parties. That was already changing because of the commercialisation of the media.

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The gatekeeper function of the media for the political establishment was already weakened. Social media has weakened that even further. Get the weekly Five Books newsletter. If you can get a lot of traction on Twitter, the traditional media are going to write about it. The power of social media is to set an agenda but it still comes down to the established media to take that agenda to the mass of the people.

Those sentiments are already there. But, for example, in the UK, a lot of the, say, anti-immigrant sentiment is stoked up by newspapers like the Daily Mail. To what extent does populism need someone to be stoking it up and encouraging these views in a systematic way? As a clarifier, not all populists are xenophobic, and not all xenophobes are populist. But, more importantly, they tend to strengthen existing opinions and prejudices.

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This book studies the rollercoaster first year in office of the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA), which for many Europeans constituted the hope for a different Europe, beyond austerity and national egocentrism. By putting the phenomenon of SYRIZA within a broader Greek and. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. This book studies the rollercoaster first year in office of the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA), which for many.

So, when you already feel that Muslims are problematic, and then you read in the newspaper all the time about Muslim crimes, it heightens the importance of it.