UFOlogy: A Major Breakthrough in the Scientific Understanding of Unidentified Flying Objects

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Edward Uhler Condon in , several universities rejected that offer, among which Harvard and Columbia [10] the committee concluded in December that '' UFOs were not of significance for scientific study " [6], while Dr. Condon's own "Conclusions and Recommendations" firmly rejected the extraterrestrial hypothesis ETH and declared that no further investigation was needed [3]. The Condon Committee report suggested " The program of education of Robertson Panel never gotten off the ground " thus consciously or unconsciously they determined not only the materialistic and environmental advantages that could emerged from such studies, but also the genuine possible existence of Aliens in our atmosphere and types of relations that could be established.

Although the committee admits that there are many sightings left unexplained, but it took the above recommendations, forcing some scientists and engineers, notably Dr. James E.

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McDonald described Condom investigation as " completely superficial and carried out with low level of scientific competence " [6]. In private conversations in , Dr. Vallee heard Prof. Condon, expressing the view that " Study of UFO was a waste of time not because the problem didn't exist but because it was outside the realm of science ".

Scientific Study of UFOs

Some scientists felt dismay with the hasty outcomes of Condon Report, others started classifying UFOs as part of metaphysics and cults, particularly with the materialistic trends in USA of getting money and fame, thus funny groups and cults emerged [10], with strange claims and attitudes, this factor degraded UFOs reputation, hence avoided and disgraced by scientific establishments and scientists.

On long run, he showed that the gray area of science is the crucial one, giving five benefits of succeeding in making breakthrough, they are:. The last five points, as they are attractive and encouraging, but who could dare breaking the first six barriers, to live in disreputable states? As can be tell by any Ufologist! UFOs is very rich field, it contains diverse intellectual challenges, to be uncovered, and it also required great courage, to overcome various negative challenges and surrounding environments. The most important field that has brought present changes in human progress and prosperities is the physics, because it deals with properties and behaviors of matters and bodies under influence of forces, the origin and characteristics of these forces and possible implementation for human usage, thus great expectations could be yields from this field.

Most physicists worked with great determinations to resolve the nature and relations between fundamental particles and forces controlling their behaviors guided by the quantum mechanics, without success. As quantum mechanics becomes the driving force behind present researches aiming at achieving the revolutionary breakthrough in alternative renewable energy and propulsion system, one may ask, for how long dose humanity is willing to wait for that expectation?

In this context, dose quantum mechanics was imaginative creation to predict an invention, or merely constructed to resolve cases? If it is the later, it may require readjusting itself periodically with every experimental development, thus it may not be able to predict new developments, rather waiting new experimental results to be explained in accordance with new mathematics and readjustments in quantum mechanics.

bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/villanueva-de-duero-como-conocer-gente.php Developments of new ideas and innovative inventive within such loop of complicated mathematical building blocks, couldn't be expected from such physical science. Such attitude, has led to closed mind approaches towards issues such as the strong force, fundamental particles, energization of charged particles, the fusion quest and the expected renewable alternative energy, these and others were core of scientific problems during the past eight decades, without any prospects for solutions.

Many scientists privately express great interests in UFOs contradicting their public attitudes, and institutions are secretly working to discover the UFOs propulsion system [13] using fundamental physics based on quantum mechanics, as established that [3]: " The roles of physical scientist, are to reveal the most basic constituents and the laws that govern them; and, to discover techniques for elucidating the peculiar features that arise from complexity of structure without having recourse each time to the fundamentals ".

It was odd that, Prof. Condon, one of the leading specialists in Quantum Mechanics, with book and papers in the subject, could have been given the task to study UFOs, which is based on alternative physics, contrary to Quantum Mechanics.

E.T. hunts by governments (and pop culture)

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Since the present fundamental physics had failed to resolve major earlier mentioned questions in physics, therefore, the scientific establishments must re-check possibilities of alternative or duality theory to quantum mechanics, whether in present existed theories, or encouraging theoretical scientists to carry out researches for these possibilities instead of closing minds and innovations, hence depicted like the Emperor's New Clothes impressions is [ 14 ]. The criterion for a scientific theory, requires that "it must not simply pass such experimental tests as may be applied but that it must be formulated in such a way that falsification is in principle possible [3].

When such theory passes through testes of verifications, the concern of the scientist " should be in convincing himself and his critical colleagues that a hypothesis has passed enough tests to make it worth accepting until a better one presents itself " [3]. The process to attain such theory, undergo many process, which could be summarized in following points:. Observational science like astronomy, where the phenomena studied lie entirely outside the control of the observer.

Observation through experimental science such as mechanics or optics, where the investigator sets up the arrangement to his own taste. Observation while comparing with mathematical deduction of results of measurement, as the studies of Galileo Galilei,. Observation linked with imaginative action, used by Isaac Newton in his observation of earth and planets leading to his law of universal gravitation. Pure imaginative observations for different causes of govern force, used by Albert Einstein to derive the Special and General Relativities. Such criteria, as it represents the recognizable procedures for establishment of scientific theory, it also shows the needs for stimulus or motivator that may initiate a study, or the observable subject.

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As UFOs aren't repeatable, not witnessed by anybody based on probabilities they also contain many variables, but as the materialistic definition of UFO concerns, witnessing a UFO sighting, contains main two main elements, they are:. Since UFOs sighting can't be attend or created at will, therefore it is left to conditions determined by the above two main elements, with possibility of others , hence, these elements together, caused various amount of impressions and distortions to the witness, at certain level it distorted personal conception, to take a photo for example, even when carrying a camera, leave alone forming rational observational attitude towards the phenomenon.

These and others had complicated and distorted, the UFOs phenomena, never less, these elements constitutes ideal factors for UFOs study. These elements can further be divided, into several branches of science, each may be designated for studies using the scientific criteria, as mentioned, and therefore UFOs can be studied by several scientific fields, each using the same criteria mentioned above, to reach to specific conclusions. Attempts were done by carry these studies on individual bases, it succeeded in showing UFOs diversities, but it was more or less a natural selection process rather than an organized method.

The definition of science given by Wikepedia as " a system of acquiring knowledge based on the scientific method , as well as the organized body of knowledge gained through such research " [ 2 ] , this definition, gives room for UFOs included in the mainstream of scientific studies, a French Astronomer once said " No problem is scientific or unscientific by nature, but only by the way in which it is approached " [11]. The researches carried by people like M. Jessup, Dr. Jacques Vallee, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, the authors, and tens other individuals and organizations, represents wealth of information, it lay out the bases for UFOs scientific study, these researches aimed at:.

Researches of the above were carried out using the scientific methods, already defined by mainstream science. Results of these researches were enormous and marvelous, but it failed to convince the scientific establishment, world political body and decision making about the truth and importance of studying UFOs, leaving alone recognizing it as part of human history that had greatly affected our past, still affecting our present and will change our future destines.

Decades after Condon Report, UFOs sightings persists in thousands, our Kampala sighting was a peculiar, as it showed an entry or re-entry of spaceship into our hemisphere, it partially constitute an evidence for Extraterrestrials visitations to the planet, which required to be taken seriously by humanity, thus with the core objectives of science, that " a science involves a pursuit of knowledge covering general truths or the operations of fundamental laws " [3], carrying out by the scientific establishments and scientists, therefore it becomes a duty and moral obligation to investigate and find proper answers to the UFOs enigma, that had spread among the public, combined with both earlier mentioned elements, creating imaginary links between living science and myth , thus the essence of such obligation constitute the moral motivation for human advancements, which formed the scientific idealism towards the Absolute Truth.

Unidentified: Naval Pilots Witness UFOs (Season 1) - History

Zigel 's discussion of UFOs in Cmena considers five theories about their nature. The fifth theory—that UFOs are "flying apparatus of other planets, investigating the earth"—is the only one of the five to which he offers no objections.

Can UFOs Advance Science?

In sum, what little "hard" information I have—and my intuition—tells me that the U. From my own official involvement, I know that the United States is only now beginning to consider treating the problem seriously. In , I was asked by the U. Air Force to serve as a scientific consultant on the increasing number of reports of strange lights in the sky. I was then director of the astronomical observatory of Ohio State University and am now the chairman of the astronomy department at Northwestern.

UFOlogy: A Major Breakthrough in the Scientific Understanding of Unidentified Flying Objects

I had scarcely heard of UFOs in and, like every other scientist I knew, assumed that they were nonsense. The reports of sightings that came to our attention then were either identifiable flying objects IFOs , such as weather balloons , meteors or planes , or they came to us from patently unreliable witnesses. A few others were hoaxes. But over the years, cases began to accumulate for which I could find no satisfactory physical explanation. In fairness to Project Blue Book , I can say that nearly all of the cases that I consider unsolved have remained so labeled in Air Force files, despite charges by critics that the Project always found an explanation for a report.

On the other hand, the Project did acquire the habit of subtly modifying its disposition of particular cases over a period of time. A sighting that the evaluator had said was "possibly" traceable to conventional aircraft at the time it occured would appear in the Project 's annual report as "probably" traceable to conventional aircraft.

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More important than such small distorsions, however, is the fact that the Wright-Patterson group usually consisted only of a captain, who headed the team, one other officer, a sergeant and myself, as occasional consultant. The fact that the commanding officer was a captain indicates the extent of the Air Force's concern for this investigation.

UFOlogy: A Major Breakthrough in the Scientific Understanding of Unidentified Flying Objects

My complaint here is not primarily against the Air Force—which, after all, is not a scientific investigative agency. But, under the aegis of the Air Force or not, there should have been a large, well staffed UFO research group in this country since the first waves of reports.

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Let us know at community space. According to those UFO researchers who scour the Scriptures for descriptions of extraterrestrial visitations, the writers of biblical times were at a disadvantage in describing sophisticated spacecraft. An enormous literature of contactee lore and philosophy circulates in books and newsletters and now on the Internet. Water and dust spin and rise, make clouds and fall again, fertilizing the dirt. John Spencer is considered a leading expert in creation and design of real space facilities and space ship interiors for NASA and private space enterprise, as well as space and future-themed simulation attractions, resorts, camps and media for the general public. What became known as the Condon Report concluded that "nothing has come from the study of UFOs" that would warrant "further extensive study. Learn about the sighting at a Washington, D.

In the past 20 years, I have analyzed more than 15, reports of UFO sightings. About 90 percent of these turned out, on quick inspection, not to have been UFOs at all, but readily identifiable objects. Of the remaining 10 percent, I made a further division in my mind between those that came to me from reasonably reliable observers—about 70 percent—and those that came from oddballs of one stripe or another.

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What this means is that there are at least UFO reports that remain completly unresolved in my own mind. As a scientist, perplexing cases strike me as significant enough to warrant professional and thorough investigation. I frankly do not know why the Government has been so slow in coming to the same conclusion. The popular attitude among scientists in the late Forties was that UFOs were a product of what some called "post-War nerves.